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1000 Miles (of History)

Bussey Building

Harold Finley


Harold Finley

Production Design


"sliding white backdrops are lit up with a moving projection so the artists can 'paint'. The design takes us through over 50 locations from the sumptuous to the stylized, even giving us brief splashes of gay subculture from a steam-filled sauna to nightclub raving."
Whats on stage

"Naturalistic scenes are framed by stylized movement, separated by blackouts or by multiple figures crossing. Mike Lees's setting is simple: a bare stage or sparse items of furniture against moveable screens and projections of graffiti-making and paintings in creation. There is a minimalist feel that sharpens the effect of what is presented, enriched by what appeared to be over one hundred colourful costumes..."
British theatre guide

I don't envy Designer Mike Lees' task...He has somehow managed to replicate every detail of these 'real' peoples lives and costumes..From the paint splattered jeans of Keith Harring, Basquiat's trade mark dreadlocks, even down to the anarchic hair of Andy Warhol!

The Stage 

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