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A Tailor Made Man

White Bear Theatre

Claudio Macor


Bryan Anthony Hodgeson

Production Design


Off-West End Finalist - Best Costue design

Mike Lees’ smart, simple set is dressed with period furniture and vintage recording equipment. A hand-cranked movie camera pivots about the space, turning its lens onto characters at key moments. Director Bryan Hodgson gives the story a spirited, high energy treatment, with each snappy scene bookended by offstage shouts of “cut” or “action!” Both heightened and heartfelt, his production captures the feeling of an era poised between hedonism and repression. 

The stage


The play begins with a fast-paced scene chock-full of the glamour and glitz of 1920s Hollywood. In marvellously authentic costumes (which earned the production one of four Offies nominations), 

the upcoming


And they look sensational thanks to designer Mike Lees’ painstaking restoration of their gorgeous original 1920s and ’30s frocks. 

Stage review

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